VW Baywindow Westfalia plaid

Volkswagen Westfalias were offered in different color combinations depending on the model year and camper configuration. There were three versions of the late baywindow campers produced. The Deluxe pop-up (stove, 'fridge, and extras), the Standard pop-up (aka weekender), and the hardtop weekender (no pop-top) version. Perspective Bus buyers could browse the dealers brochure to decide what color options they wanted. I'm looking for this info so I can fill in what model year/exterior color goes with each of the plaid photos. Please feel free to email me with additions, corrections, or more information. Many thanks to Karl who provided pics and info for this page.

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Plaid Curtains

68-73 came with the solid mustard colored vinyl-like upholstery, but had plaid curtains.

Mustard Material

1973 Westfalia only. Prior Westies used a mustard colored vinyl.

blue green
Blue/Green Plaid

74 Pastel White-L90D (P21 only)
75 Yosemite Yellow
74-75 Sierra Yellow-L11H or chrome yellow westies??
76-79 Pastel White-L90D westies (P21) too ??

Orange plaid (Orange door panels and orange headrests)

74-75 Westfalia's

Orange Plaid (Green door panels and green headrests )

76 Chrome Yellow-L20A Westy
77 Pastel White-L90D (P21 only)[k]
77 Chrome Yellow (P22 only)[k]
[L20A up to chassis # 2172079871, L21H above 2172079872]

Green/Yellow Plaid (green door panels)

76 Sage Green-L63H
77 Sage Green-L63H (P27 only)[k]
78 Sage Green-L63H (P22 only)
79 Sage Green-L63H (P22 only)[j]

brown green
Brown/Green plaid 78-79 (Brown door panels and brown headrests)

78 Mexico Beige
78 Dakota Beige-L13A (P27 only)
78 Champagne Edition (P27 only)
79 Mexico Beige-LEM1 (P27 only)[j]

Here's a pic of some of the westfalia plaid side by side (I "borrowed" this pic from a west coast forsale ad). The only missing plaid is the 76-79 green. The solid colored fabric at the end is from a vanagon westy.

If you have a VW bus brochure from 74-77, I'd appreciate an email from you. I'd like a scan off all the 74-79 brochures, but I'm to cheap to buy them all myself I'd settle for an email from you with the text info in the next picture from your brochure. Thanks.

Here's the back cover of my 1979 brochure.

Here's the back cover of Brad Clausen's 1978 brochure.

Unfortunely, nobody that I know of reproduces the plaid fabric that was installed in westfalia campers.

The best place to get the fabric is from old westy campers that are being parted out. I got some brown plaid for my 79 camper on ebay.com. Different color plaids comes up for auction every so often. You'll have to check often and bid against other westy owners tho'.

Another place is from local junkyards. The best fabric comes from the top bunk. Also look at the online classifeds and email anyone that is parting out a camper. Ask them if they have the plaid fabric (color) that you're looking for. Might not hurt to place a few want ads yourself. Best sites are the type2.com buy and sell page (the direct link is here.) and the Everett's vwplanet. Like I said, I've scored peices of plaid from ebay (and some other places before) so the plaid is out there, it just takes a little searching. I've paid up to $25 per section for my brown plaid, but I've seen prices of up to $100 (I think that $20-50 per is a fair price [edit: for everything other then the blue/green plaid]).

FYI: Blue green is the rarest. Brown is the second hardest to find. Then the orange (2 different shades). The green is the most common.

Ron from the BusDepot.com had this to say on the subject of sources of plaid material (updated 07/23/03)

"To this I'll add two more options:

The Busdepot is pretty much out of N.O.S. '76-77 orange/green/yellow plaid (Down to the last few yards, if that). But they now have an entire roll of the '76-79 Green Plaid, which Ron found in Germany and brought back. The direct link to this item on busdepot's website is here. They also have some Beige W/Brown/Blue Stripes '80-83 Westy fabric.

You already have some extra plaid in your bus that you can use for reupholstery if you so desire. The underside of your cushions (upper and lower bed) are upholstered in plaid, even though they face the bottom and are never seen. In fact, the plaid there is probably in great shape, as it has never been sat on or used. In a pinch, you can cut out the underside sections of fabric, sew a different fabric in its place, and use that plaid to reupholster your front seats. Unless someone looks under your mattresses (which is particularly difficult on the upper bunk) they'll never even know you did this."

I stumbled apon Gowesty.com's plaid page while surfing thru their website. Some good quality pics of the Oem Plaid.
Check it out here.

various notes

P21 = Hardtop camper package
P22 = Weekender or standard pop-top package
P27 = Deluxe pop-top package
In 78 and 79 the P21 option wasn't available.

Confirmed by:
[j] = my 79 brochure
[k] = Karl's 77 brochure